Sweet up&up

I got the chance to re-structure all of the up&up infant formula and re-introduce the toddler formula. I shifted the copy hierarchy across all the product mix and instituted a more cohesive color system. All that was fun, but the real fun began with re-introducing the toddler formula. The client wanted to create strong differentiation between the infant and toddler formulas, so we had to move away from the plush sheep. After getting all of the obvious ideas out of my system, I faced another challenge. Between all the brands of baby and toddler formula, pretty much every animal and color are taken.

I came up with ¬†the idea of creating an elephant pull toy. (Yeah, I thought about ducks but Enfamil already owns the duck and they are very predictable.) Next, I needed to find an awesome stylist that has a great eye for design and is very creative. I collaborated with Tony Vu to design the toy. We had a blast and ended up with two with the designs that we loved the most. After the shoot, one toy was sent to be archived at Target Props. The other one , the one I loved the most, ended up on my little girl’s dresser. I love the see-through ears, but ¬†unfortunately they are not an easy read on the package. So the moral of the story is that sometimes what we love the most is not the best for the project.