Not Just Another Recording

I can’t spill the beans about this assignment yet, but it’s too cool not to share. Last Friday, I was asked if I could go art direct a Spanish radio spot the following Tuesday. Fortunately, my calendar was open and I accepted.

I had consulted in the initial transcreation stage of the assignment, but an agency worked on the excecution. I even had forgotten about the project and I never got to see a final script or casting. So Tuesday morning I walked into the recording studio, and found we were recording with former Twins player Tony Oliva.

Recording this spot was very challenging, and it surely tested my skills in many ways. On the flip side, it was fantastic getting to spend some time with  such an inspirational athlete. Tony was kind enough to share some of his story, of how he came from Cuba in pursuit of the American dream and to play baseball. Also, as usual, the boys at Rumble are the best at collaborating and making sure we produce the finest work.

I didn’t have a baseball for Tony to sign, so second best was my script.